Tenkosaki - Chapter 65 English

 Chapter 65 – Because It's Frustrating


"Alright, I'll look for some things."

Hayato left the family restaurant after a brief conversation, as he had to prepare dinner.

Although the sun was setting, the heat in the city hadn't completely subsided.

Sweat immediately started pouring out as he stepped out of the restaurant, and it didn't let up as Hayato walked home with his sticky uniform clinging to his skin.

Afterwards, Hayato wondered about the places Mori recommended for going out.

Some of the places mentioned sounded familiar from the internet or television, but he didn't know them well. Hayato, who picked up groceries while furrowing his brow, must have looked strange to people around him.

(Do Haruki or Himeko know about those places?)

Hayato pondered over that and suddenly felt a surge of happiness. The shopping bags from the supermarket were moving energetically.

It seemed that Hayato was even more excited to go out than he thought.

"I'm home."

"Oh, welcome back, Hayato!"

"....Haruki? What's with your appearance?"

When he arrived home, Haruki, wearing an apron, welcomed him at the door. It was a pastel-colored apron with a design of a dancing cat on the chest.

"I bought it. What do you think? Does it suit me?"

"Well, yeah, it looks nice."


If asked whether it suited her or not, Hayato could only say that it did.

However, regardless, it looked neat and cute physically, and the apron worn over the uniform became an accent that complemented Haruki's simple beauty.

For the male students in the class, this situation might be something they dream and fantasize about. Even though it happened suddenly, Hayato also felt his heart race when he saw it.

Haruki was full of excitement.

Whether it was because she bought the apron or because she talked with her female friends afterward, Hayato didn't know.

Maybe she was trying to force herself to improve her mood.

However, when Hayato saw Haruki return to her usual self after school ended, his gaze naturally dropped.

Seeing Hayato's gaze like that, Haruki realized it and blushed slightly while gripping the edge of her apron. But her gaze was very serious.

"Recently, I feel like I've been relying on Hayato too much."

"Is that so? At most, it's just dinner, right? I also have meal money."

"That's enough, but there are other things too."

"Hmm, I don't really understand."

"Well, I thought Hayato would say that."

Haruki laughed with a troubled face.

In fact, Hayato didn't realize at all that he had been taking care of her. To him, it was just like taking care of two Himekos at once instinctively.

"Anyway, I've been thinking about it. Let's start with things we can do. So, let me help with cooking and household chores. Please."

"Hey, wait a minute, Haruki!"

After saying that, Haruki bowed her head politely.

Her request sounded polite and refined. Hayato had never experienced a situation where someone bowed their head so neatly to him in his life. And again, that person was Haruki, who was already familiar to him.

More than being surprised, Hayato felt confused and shocked, not knowing what to do.

"Could it be... it's not good...?"

Seeing Hayato's reaction like that, Haruki lifted her head and unintentionally let out a worried and saddened voice.

Hayato sighed deeply and scratched his head, shifting his gaze slightly from Haruki.

—Haruki seems a bit unstable today.

Although he felt that way, he didn't know what to do.

"No, I'm just surprised... or rather... yeah, that's it, because cooking is a hobby and you don't need to worry too much..."

"But, I'm not satisfied with that..."

"Even so..."

"Besides, I'm a girl, you know. I should be able to cook and do household chores well..."

"A girl?"

"Hey, what's with that reaction?!"

"Hahaha, I just can't imagine it."

"Really, even though you have a pretty girl like me!"

"Did you say that yourself?"

"Yes, when I say it myself, it feels a bit weird!"



However, as they talked, their conversation started to feel like a conversation between Hayato and Haruki.

Their laughter flowed naturally, and the atmosphere between them felt comfortable.

However, on the other hand, Hayato also realized that Haruki was truly serious with her request.

Although their conversation felt like a joke, Haruki was still tightly holding the edge of her apron.

"So, I still feel guilty for always relying on you... it's frustrating."


And then Haruki suddenly revealed her true feelings.

Those were very characteristic words of Haruki.

With a slightly pouting expression, she puckered her lips.

Hayato's face changed into an expression of understanding.

Suddenly, Hayato imagined what it would be like if he were in Haruki's position.

(So, she doesn't want to be taken care of unilaterally)

They had always done everything together since a long time ago. They were allies standing side by side, in equal positions.

Considering that, their current relationship felt one-sided, and Hayato understood the reason behind Haruki's actions today.

"Alright, do you want to help me?"

"Ah... yes!"

And Hayato reached for her hand.

Haruki let go of her hand from the edge of her apron and grabbed Hayato's hand.

"Onii, until when are you going to stand in front of the door, or should I ask, what are you doing? Is that a funny conversation? Is the food not ready yet?"

For some reason, Himeko, who looked slightly annoyed or puzzled, appeared from the living room.

It seemed like she came because she heard laughter and she looked upset for feeling ignored.

"Hahaha, it's nothing."

"Hey, Onii! Don't touch my hair and don't mess it up!"

"Hahaha, Hime-chan. It was just a conversation about how sexy the school uniform and apron are. So, Hayato found it difficult to say."


"Hey, Haruki?! Himeko!"

Himeko stared at Hayato with a sharp gaze, making him panic.

Meanwhile, Haruki looked at the two of them with eyes that glittered like something beautiful.

Translator: Janaka


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