Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 30 English

 Chapter 30 - JK Idol-san Busy Even During Summer Vacation

The summer vacation in high school is truly boring.

There are hardly any assignments, and since I'm not a member of any extracurricular clubs, I really have nothing to do.

"I'm bored..."

Although I admit that I'm bored, I silently ignore Sakurazaki's message reply.

Perhaps Sakurazaki is nervous right now before her concert.

This time, there is no live streaming on the internet, so I can't watch it.

"She must be nervous."

...I'll reply to her email in a moment.


As usual, my hands tremble with nervousness before the performance.

I even made mistakes during practice, so I'm a little worried...

Returning to the dressing room after rehearsal, tension prevents me from seeing my surroundings.

At that moment, Minazuki, one of the group members, comes up to me.

"Nako, are you okay?"

Minazuki holds my cheeks with both hands and checks my condition.

"As I thought, I'm nervous. Hehehe..."

In the dressing room, the other members chat casually, but I feel tense amidst the tense atmosphere.

"Nako-chan, are you nervous again?"

While patting my head, Asaka, the group leader, asks.

"We also feel it, so don't worry."

Midorikawa, the oldest member among us, also comes to comfort me.

"I'm sorry. I made you worry."

...At that moment, the phone I placed on the table flashes.

A message?

It's a reply from Himahara-kun.

"I can't see you this time, but I'll support you. Fight as usual."

Unconsciously, a smile appears on my face.

Lately, he hasn't been replying to messages, and his replies on the phone are short, but he always sends messages when I'm having a hard time.

He's lazy and indifferent like that, but still... I'm happy.

"Oh, oh, is that a message from Nako-chan's...?"

"Yes, that's right."

"Nako-chan, that's great."

"N-no, not like that!"

But, thank you, Himahara-kun.

I always rely on you.

"Alright, it seems like Nako-chan is motivated again. ...Let's go!"

""Yes! ""


Sakurazaki's concert seems to be ending soon, right?

While preparing dinner, I open my phone and find a message from Sakurazaki.

"We're celebrating it. ╰(*´︶`*)╯"

She sends a photo from the dressing room with the Raspberry Whip members enjoying a meal together.

Well, at least her concert was successful, that's good.

I reply with "Good job" and continue preparing dinner.

"Kou-kun, is dinner ready?"

"Yes, it will be done soon."

Michiko-san is casually watching TV in the living room.

If she's bored, I hope she can help.

"Hey, Kou-kun, you look happy. Did something happen?"

"...It's nothing."

Okay, when everything is ready, let's go have seafood as promised.


After the concert is over, the Raspberry Whip members celebrate in the dressing room.

"Nako, congratulations on working hard."

The Raspberry Whip group consists of four members, including me. Now, Minazuki Hime, a third-year high school student, hands me a cup of tea. She is the one who best fits the label of "cool beauty" and always helps me like an older sister.

"Nako-chan, do you want something to drink?"

Asaka Haruna, the leader of Raspberry Whip and has a good spirit. She is in her third year of university.

Always active, she regularly appears on children's shows at 6 p.m. and has gained popularity from many people, young and old.

"Yes, Nako-chan, what are you doing~?"

Midorikawa Mana, the oldest member who always provides comfort, pushes chopsticks into my mouth while bringing her large breasts close.

I rely on Minazuki more than her because she's a bit reckless and cheerful.

"Hey, introduce your boyfriend to me, Nako-chan."

"T-that's not it! Himahara-kun is just a friend!"

"Eh? Don't say that. Nako-chan, you even called me 'Himahara-kun' by mistake."

I remember when I mistakenly called her "Himahara-kun" while trying to ask Asaka for help when checking the choreography some time ago.

"I-it's not what I meant!"

"It should be 'called her mother' instead of 'called her Himahara-kun'."

"And Midorikawa-san too. Himahara-kun is really just a friend!"

Then, Asaka gently places her hand on my shoulder and starts speaking understandingly.

"Nako-chan, don't be embarrassed like that. If you have a boyfriend, your chest will also feel fuller."


"Just look at the example of Mana-senpai."

I gaze at Midorikawa.

I can't stop noticing the size of her breasts that are clearly visible even through her clothes.

"Maybe it's because she has been touched by many people, that's why the size is different."

"I never let anyone touch me!"

"You're lying, your senpai is too attractive. Now, Nako-chan, don't you want to be like this too?"

"Wait a minute, Asaka-san. Don't teach Nako weird things!"

"Oh, Minazuki-chan, have you touched her too?"

"Wait a minute, Asaka-san! Stop it!"

"Hora, hora~"

After that, Asaka finally stops after getting punched by Minazuki.

"Nako, you're still in the growth stage, so you don't need to worry about that."

"Is that so...?"

"More importantly, don't you need to reply to the message from your couple who sent you a message before the concert?"

"Oh, it's okay! We talk on the phone every night, so we'll call again today after going home."

"Huh? ...Sorry, Nako? I'll ask again, you're not dating, right?"

"Yes, we're not dating."

"...Even though you talk on the phone every night?"

Nodding, I take a sip of tea.

"You're really making everything complicated... Well, that's typical of you."


And that's how a day filled with tension ends.

When I have free time, I'll spend it with Himahara-kun...!


(Next Chapter Preview)

"Himahara-kun, do you know what the expensive sushi ingredient was in the Edo period?"

"Eggs. At that time, eggs were considered valuable. While other ingredients were around 100 to 150 yen, eggs were estimated to be around 300 yen."

"Oh... I see."

"You're asking, but you didn't know?"

Next Chapter: "It Seems that JK Idol-san Interested in Seafood."

Translator: Janaka

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