Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 31 English

 Chapter 31 – It Seems that JK Idol-san is Interested in Seafood (part 1)

"Oh, Himahara-kun! You overslept today, huh?"

"No, it's still one hour before our meeting time."

Last week, after Sakurazaki's concert ended, she finally had a break, and as promised, we planned to go out for seafood together.

Sakurazaki changed her hairstyle to the previous one (this time with a ponytail) and disguised herself by wearing her usual fake glasses.

"Today, I'm wearing a Jeanne skirt, so I look younger, right? Oh, but! The senior from Raspberry Whip must think that you, Himahara-kun, like loli, so they would be delighted."

"Huh? Do the members of Raspberry Whip think I'm a lolicon?"

"What do you think? Do I look cute?"

"Before discussing whether you're cute or not, let's clear up this misunderstanding!"

"Huh? Isn't it a good thing?"

"Ignorance is scary..."

Hmm, well, it's not surprising if people think that way when I'm with Sakurazaki.


"Wait a minute, Himahara-kun! Don't play around with my ponytail!"

As I roughed up her ponytail, Sakurazaki protested angrily.

"Himahara-kun is quite aggressive today, huh?"

"Emotionally, I've been feeling down since earlier, you know."

I have to forget that I'm considered a lolicon... at least for now.

"So, where are you taking me today?"

"Ah, today we're going to... Toyosu Market."


In front of the signboard for "Toyosu Market," I was forced to participate in a selfie session with Sakurazaki.

"Come on, Himahara-kun, look this way!"

"Yeah, yeah."

After that, we went straight into Toyosu Market.

The weather was great, and there were many foreign tourists visiting.

"Is this the place that replaced Tsukiji, right? It moved here last year, didn't it?"

"Yes, it relocated to Toyosu since last year. Toyosu Market is connected by four buildings through this corridor we're walking through."

"Wow, so we can see fish trading here, right?"

"Yes. The auction process can usually only be seen if you come early in the morning, but if we enter this fish market building in front of us..."

We could see the auction area from the deck designed for visitors to observe through the windows.

"We can see the auction area."

"Wow, it's so spacious! And the smell, it's like the scent of fresh fish. Oh, Himahara-kun, what's this?"

Sakurazaki pointed to a board explaining hand signals.

"That's called hand signals. It's used to communicate with the sellers about the quantity and price of items during the auction."

"Wow! So it's like hand gestures. Oh, wait a moment, Himahara-kun, please look."


Sakura tried to communicate something using hand signals, imitating the board.

Hmm... 8, 1, 5?


815... What does it mean?

"Himahara-kun, I'm looking forward to it."


I really don't understand what she means.


Translator: Janaka


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