Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 34 English

 Chapter 34 – It Seems That JK Idol-san is Interested in the Fireworks Festival (part 1)

"Oh, a fireworks festival..."

After coming home, I immediately started preparing dinner.

I want to finish it before Michiko-san comes home.

I took out the hanpen I bought today from the plastic bag.

"I want to go to Toyosu again."

When I peeled off the hanpen wrapper, I saw the expiration date.

Well, I'll consume it today, so it doesn't matter... maybe.

"August 15th."

...815, 815.

Huh... this number, huh?

After making miso soup, I searched for Sakurazaki's contact on my phone.

"...Oh, I see."

815 is August 15th... which means it's Sakurazaki's birthday.

That's why she emphasized the number 815 back then.

I feel relieved, but also in a hurry.

There are still 8 days left until Sakurazaki's birthday.

However, Sakurazaki is very busy.

There's no certainty that I can meet her on the 15th, and if I want to give her a gift, I should give it at the next meeting.

... So, less than 8 days.

What should I do?

What Sakurazaki wants, what Sakurazaki desires...

"Maybe food?"

No, no, no, that's too simple or too ordinary.

Ah, what should I give as a gift?

If I don't know, why not ask?

I decided to send a message to Sakurazaki, but...

"Is there something you want?"

No, that's not right.

It doesn't seem appropriate to ask like that.

Why am I so confused?

I could decide Nanamizawa's birthday gift in 3 seconds. (Last year was a 3000 yen Amazon voucher)

...But it feels like I have to decide seriously for Sakurazaki's birthday gift.


At that moment, my phone rang.

"Himahara-kun! The fireworks festival day we searched and decided together, it seems like I have the afternoon off. We can go!"

Seriously... The fireworks festival is only 4 days away.

Oh, but wait a minute.

I'll ask if she's available on the 15th.

"But it seems that it will be the last day we can meet during summer vacation."

Confirmed within 4 days.


I have to decide the birthday gift within 4 days.

However, I don't want to ask what Sakurazaki wants.

No, let's change the perspective.

I'll choose something that will make Sakurazaki happy, not just something she wants.

What would make her happy?

If it's something that can be used in daily life, it will surely make everyone happy. If possible, it should also be long-lasting...

Since it's for a girl, it's better to choose something cute.

...I've made up my mind.

Translator: Janaka 

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