Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 35 English

 Chapter 35 – It Seems That JK Idol-san is Interested in the Fireworks Festival (part 2)

How many years has it been since the last time, I wonder?

The fireworks festival is a common sight in the summer. It's been 5 years since I last came to this fireworks festival.

If I remember correctly, 5 years ago... I came to this fireworks festival with Nanamizawa.


Sakurazaki's voice could be heard from behind. We had agreed to meet at the nearest station to the fireworks festival, but this time Sakurazaki was late, which rarely happens.

"It took me a long time to dress up."

Ahh, so that's why she was late. Sakurazaki looked different than usual, with a more serene aura, wearing a white yukata with a bright blue pattern.

"What do you think of my yukata?"

"Eh, ah... It's more mature than I imagined."

"Hehe, is that so?"

However, when I see her innocent smile, I'm reminded of Sakurazaki's childlike impression.

Today, even though Sakurazaki is wearing fake glasses, her hairstyle is still the same as usual.

"It's a bit dark today, so I don't think we need to worry too much."

"But still, be careful. It's crowded here."

But well, for me, this is a convenient situation. I'm thinking about "it" hidden in my pocket.

We walked for a while, following the crowd towards the festival location.

"Eh, Himahara-kun..."

"What's up?"

"Let's not get separated... You know, like usual."

Sakurazaki took my hand and our fingers intertwined.

It seems that holding hands like this has become a "usual" thing for us.

"My mother chose and dressed me in this yukata."

"Wah, your mother did... Ah, that's why it looks more mature."

I received a sharp gaze from Sakurazaki.

"Ahh, if Sakurazaki had chosen it, it would probably look like this too."

"Hmph, if I had chosen, it would be a cute goldfish-patterned yukata."

Apologies to the fans of goldfish-patterned yukatas.

"But honestly, even if chosen by Sakurazaki, I'm sure it would still look beautiful."

"Eh? So, maybe next year I'll choose something like that..."

Sakurazaki in a goldfish-patterned yukata... Well, it seems my lolicon level is escalating.

"By the way, are you close with your parents?"

"They're a bit strict, but lately they seem to care about me. Recently, when I talked about Himahara-kun... they said, 'Take good care of him.'"


"And my father said he wants to meet you soon."

"Heh... Eh?"

Something seems off?

"He wants to meet and talk about the future and other things..."

Hey, wait a minute...


The sound that I'm familiar with echoes, followed by fireworks blooming in the sky after a pause.

The sound of the explosion resonates in the place, stirring up the excitement of the audience.

Under the fireworks-filled sky, Sakurazaki and I unconsciously stop walking and are captivated by the spectacle.

Translator: Janaka

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