Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 41 English


Chapter 41 - JK Idol Wants to Talk at School Too (part 1)

As the new semester began, despite the lingering summer heat, cooler winds started to blow. 

It had been five months since I entered high school, and those five months were the most meaningful time of my life. 

I met Sakurazaki, and since then until now, we have done many things together.

First, we went to an old arcade. 

Then we went to a gyudon restaurant. 

That's when I found out that Sakurazaki really loves to eat. 

After that, we went to cultural festivals, parks, even the zoo on holidays, and so on. Although it has only been five months, there are enough memories to fill a whole year. 

Visiting new places always provides unforgettable experiences, and when you go with someone, those experiences become even more meaningful.

Lost in thought, I arrived at my usual station. 

As I got off the train, a girl stood across from me, staring at me. 


Of course, as usual, I didn't say anything. 

However, she held the hairpin I gave her to split her bangs, gesturing towards me. 

It was a sakura-shaped hairpin, a gift I gave her for her birthday. 

I was glad she really liked it.


"Good morning!"

When I arrived at school, Nanamizawa, with a sunburned face, stood right next to me and greeted me.

"Kou, how are you?"

"Ah. And how about you? The training must have been tough, right?"

"Well, yeah. Oh, I'll give you a souvenir from our training camp in Yamagata."

Nanamizawa took out a zunda mochi keychain from her bag.

"What's this?"

"It's a zunda mochi keychain, it looks so realistic, right?"

"I know it's zunda mochi, but..."

"Come on, give it a touch!"

When I touched the zunda mochi keychain she handed me, it felt quite satisfying.

"It's like a squishy, isn't it?"


Well... not bad.

"And this."

Next, she gave me zunda-flavored chocolate.

"Zunda again, huh?"

"Zunda is delicious, you know? Let's eat it when we get inside the classroom."

"Alright, alright."

Nanamizawa still seemed as energetic as ever.

"Oh, by the way, Kou, what did you do during the summer vacation?"

"...I didn't do anything."

"You're lying!"

"I'm not lying. I just spent time at home."

"...Then what's up with your sunburn?"

Oh no, it seems I got sunburned too. 

Just now I noticed the difference in skin color between the covered part of my arm and the always exposed part.

"I got sunburned when I went to convenience stores or supermarkets, maybe."


Nanamizawa still looked at me suspiciously.

It seems I can't hide my lies from Nanamizawa.

I felt anxious in my heart if she also knew about Sakurazaki.

During the first-period opening ceremony, the principal announced the beginning of the second semester.

Of course, not many students actually listened to the long speech.

We returned to the classroom and immediately started the second period.

Although I felt a little bored from not studying for a long time, I could still continue writing with my pencil.


Why does Sakurazaki keep staring at me with such an intense gaze?

I sat in the back seat next to the window, and Sakurazaki sat in the front seat on the opposite side, but every time I looked at the blackboard, Sakurazaki's gaze staring at me entered my field of vision.

She looked even more intense than usual today.

I tried to signal with my eyes for her to focus on the lesson, but every time our gazes met, Sakurazaki always returned a beaming smile.

Although we promised not to talk at school, it's meaningless if she keeps doing this.

Until lunch break arrived, Sakurazaki kept staring at me throughout the class.

Finally, when lunch break came, I immediately opened my phone and sent a message to Sakurazaki to meet me on the rooftop.

Translator: Janaka

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