Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 45 English

 Chapter 45 – Local Idol Wants to Hang Out with a Free Person (part 2)

I looked out across the vast ocean in Negishi Bay this summer. 

The salty aroma invigorated my spirit and made my heart race. 

The one-hour train journey was well worth the trouble of coming to Yokohama. 

Besides, the weather today was incredibly clear. 

"A perfect day for fishing,"

 I thought to myself as I cast my line wide.

"Why did you choose this place?" 

Renkawa had been looking displeased and complaining since we arrived.

"Well, we've only known each other for a short while, so I didn't know where you'd like to go."

"Even so, why bother coming all the way to Yokohama just to fish?"

"Hopefully, I can catch a lot of fish today."

"Listen to me!"

Based on information from the internet, this fishing spot was supposed to have good catches. 

There were shops nearby that rented fishing equipment, as well as restaurants and other facilities. 

But why was Renkawa so dissatisfied?

Earlier in the morning, she seemed enthusiastic, but once we reached the shore, she appeared visibly unhappy.

"When going out with a girl, there are usually other options, like amusement parks or watching movies!"

"Sure, you must be tired of going to places like that with other guys, right?"

"Even so, that's... why do you have to say it like I'm some kind of cheap girl?"

"Isn't it true that you have a bad habit with guys?"

Whether out of guilt or something else, Renkawa fell silent. 

She seemed to want to avoid that topic.

"...For now, how about we just sit down?"

I invited Renkawa to sit on the box where we kept the empty bottles, and she obediently complied.

"Um, I... Are you angry because I tricked you?"


To be honest, I had been trying to contain my irritation with Renkawa in my heart. 

But it seemed like she could sense it from the way I spoke.

"...Then, why did you come here?"

"For me, half of the reason was because I was angry, but the other half was that I wanted to having fun normally, so I came as promised."

"Having fun?"

"Going fishing alone is boring, so it's better to have a friend to talk to. So I waited for this opportunity to talk to you and spend time together."

"I feel like I'm being used... Or maybe you would feel that way with Nako-chan."

"Only you, not anyone else."


"If it were Sakurazaki, she'd be bored and fall asleep."

I could tell from her childish personality that she would definitely get bored with fishing, which didn't offer much action.

"...Uh, is that the reason why only I can?"

"Maybe. Because you forced me to come, as an apology, you had to accompany me today."

Renkawa looked annoyed and gazed out at the sea.

"What about you? Do you want to give it a try too?"

"Hmm... Since I've come this far, why not?"

"Alright, I've prepared a tackle for you over there."

"Okay, okay."

Renkawa seemed slightly irritated but quickly prepared the equipment.

"Is this your first time fishing?"

"When I was a kid, I often went fishing with my father. Although I've never caught any fish myself, I always watched him."

Then, Renkawa cast her bait into the sea and continued to cast and fish.

She seemed not only like a "cheap woman" but...

"You're quite interesting,"

"On the contrary, I find you a boring person, Himahara-san."

Renkawa felt the same vibration as I did.

"Ah, but on the other hand... You're a bit different from other boring guys."

Renkawa also seemed to sense it and gave a faint smile.

"I can stop pretending now?"

"It's okay, I'm not interested in you either."

"...So, I'll stop pretending."

Renkawa coughed a little and continued, "As you said, it's true that I have a lot of relationships with guys."

"Of course. It's even written on internet forums."

"You really read that, huh... Well, it's true. Ever since I became a high school student, I only hang out with guys."

"Wow... For an idol, you're quite daring."

"For me, who's not famous, there were only a few who criticized me."

Renkawa complained with a hint of annoyance.

"Is that also why you don't disguise yourself?"

Renkawa nodded slightly.

Earlier in the morning, Renkawa had come without any disguise at all. 

At first, I was surprised, but I felt it would be impolite to bring it up, so I kept quiet.

"Because I played with guys too much, I don't have any female friends. Unlike Sakurazaki."

"Speaking of which, I know that."

Renkawa seemed to have given up on her situation.

"But, I've never been too serious with them."

"What do you mean?"

"Many of them break up after the first date."

"Wow, that's terrible."

"They were all boring. They only tried to show their good side and acted too cool."

"So, my choice today was indeed the right one."

"It's all in vain; you're too sharp... But, among all of them, I feel like we're the most compatible."

"That's me. The bottom line is, Renkawa is a bit dirty."

"Don't call me dirty!"

Renkawa got angry, but it seemed like she felt something and her expression turned serious.

"I can..."

And with care, she began to reel in her fishing line.

Although she started slower than me, she managed to catch a fish.

She was really skilled.

"Yatta, I got one! I caught a fish, Himahara-san!"

"Well done."

This was the dirty Renkawa's smile.

It was more honest and shone brighter.

"Himahara-san! Let's compete!"

"Who can catch more fish?"

"The loser has to do whatever the winner asks."

"Alright, understood."

It was kind of fun to compete a little.

After that, Renkawa showed incredible enthusiasm and continued to catch fish one after another.

Initially, we intended to talk while fishing, but unconsciously we got more serious and ended up not chatting much until we finished.

"Yay! I won!"

"Ah, it's probably just beginner's luck."

"You really don't want to lose, huh, Himahara-san. Just one fish... hehe."

She was still annoying.

Oh yeah, Renkawa managed to catch six fish.

"Speaking seriously, did you enjoy it?"

"Well, maybe a little."

"That's good then."

After tidying up the equipment, we returned it to the shop and headed back to the station.

After exiting the gate, we sat on the blue bench on the platform, waiting for the train.

"Um, to be honest, you're weird. There's something wrong with you."

"What's with the sudden grumbling?"

"...But, actually, you're a bit interesting."

She said shyly.

Interesting, huh.

"Um, I mean, still, I don't want to go home just yet."

"...Hm? Ah, yes, I don't want to go home yet either."

"Really? Does that mean...?"

Renkawa became flustered, and her cheeks turned red.

What's with her?

"Since yesterday, I've already booked a room too."

"Huh? Do you mean... you planned it from the beginning?"

Was she really that surprised?

“Ah, yeah, actually... I’m sure you’d also want to eat that.”

“Eat! Oh, that’s right, even though I’ve been with guys, I’ve never done anything like that before!”


“So, it’s actually my first time.”

“Heh... well, if that’s the case, it’s no problem.”

“...Is Himahara-san used to this?”

...Used to?

It seemed like she was referring to eating out and going to Toyosu for seafood. If that’s what she meant by “used to”...

“Well, I often go with Sakurazaki.”

“H-huh? Why would you do that with Nako-chan!”

“Huh? Ah, it’s because I like Sakurazaki.”

“Like, um... Is Nako-chan mature?”

No, it’s actually the opposite; she’s more like a little kid.

It seemed like Renkawa was imagining something wrong.

“...But, Himahara-san, you’re really lewd. Nako-chan is so cute and innocent...”

“Why are you calling me lewd?”

“You know! At the hotel...”


What does she mean?

Is she talking about having dinner at a hotel?

“Hotel? Of course, I wouldn’t go to an expensive place like that.”

“Huh? Do you do it outdoors then?”


What is she talking about...

It seems like she misunderstood something.

“I mean, this is what I was talking about.”

I handed my phone to Renkawa and showed her the place I had booked after this.

“If you come to Yokohama, you must visit ‘Yokohama Chinatown.’”

Renkawa was surprised.

“We’re going to eat as much as we want there... Uh, Renkawa?”

“Um, can you be quiet for a moment?”

Renkawa stood up with a red face, then went to the vending machine nearby and bought some tea. After that, she returned and sat down, immediately gulping down the tea.

From her reaction, I seemed to understand.

...Ah, I see.

She’s going through puberty, just like that JK idol.

Renkawa took a deep breath and opened her mouth.

“...Wow, I’m really looking forward to Chinatown!”

Renkawa suddenly started acting again.

“You must be thinking of something else.”

“I’m really looking forward to Chinatown! I love xiaolongbao!”

“You must be hiding something.”

“Please be quiet.”

Renkawa’s look sent shivers down my spine.

Translator: Janaka


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