Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 43 English

 Chapter 43 – JK Idol Wants to Talk at School Too (part 3)

The rooftop of this building was filled with a strange atmosphere, while all the couples around whispered to each other. 

The spotlight was on... 

Idol × Idol × Ordinary Guy... 

the three people sitting together in this spot.

"Finally, my peaceful school life... has come to an end."


"Don't ask 'why?'. Basically, it's all because of you... Ah, forget it, there's no point in saying anything anymore."


I shifted my gaze to Renkawa-san.

"I'm Himahara Kou."

"I'm Renkawa Miyu. Nice to meet you, Himahara-san."

Renkawa Miyu... Her small face with gentle-looking eyes. 

In addition, her prominent canine teeth and a sweet ponytail. And an aura similar to Sakurazaki. 

There's no doubt... it must be her.

"Hey, Renkawa-san, you performed in the theater show during the culture festival, right?"

"Oh, yes! Did you watch it?"

"Well... at least once."

That's a lie, actually.

I remembered the incident during the cultural festival. I couldn't say that Renkawa-san's costume was so embarrassing that I left the place.

"Amazing... That costume..."

"Oh, that... The costume was forced on me by the people in the theater club. So, it was a bit embarrassing for me..."

Blushing, Renkawa-san said that.

She had a style that looked quite charming, but it seemed she was shy.

"As Sakurazaki mentioned earlier, is Renkawa-san also an idol? Together with this girl?"

"I'm actually a local idol. I only perform on local and cable TV shows."


Renkawa-san explained it in detail after that.

Well, I don't really understand those things, but from the reactions of the people around, it seems she's quite a well-known celebrity.

"I want to ask one thing to Himahara-san."

"Eh, what is it?"

"Are you also working in the entertainment industry?"


"Oh, maybe you're pursuing a career as an actor?"

"Hey, Sakurazaki, didn't you say anything about me?"


Don't say 'yes'.

She brought her friend here without telling her anything about me.

"Hey. Do you really think I can be an actor with a face like this?"

"Eh? Ah, yes."

...Eh, well, even though it's just a compliment, I'm happy to hear that.

But I don't like seeing Sakurazaki smiling next to me.

"I'm not a celebrity."

"...Nako-chan, is that true?"

Renkawa-san asked Sakurazaki.

"Yes, Himahara-kun is just an ordinary person."

When Sakurazaki said that, I was somewhat annoyed, but it's the truth, and I couldn't say anything.

"I thought you two were in a relationship because Himahara-san works in the entertainment industry. So, if that's the case, where did you and Nako-chan meet?"

"Eh? Well... in the staff room."

"The staff room?"

Renkawa-san tilted her head.

"Yes. Himahara-kun got a zero score, and I scolded him—"

"Don't give unnecessary information! Uh, it was just a name misspelling."

"A zero score is still a zero score, right?"

"Huu... Ah, who lost to me with a total zero score on that exam?"

"Uh, that... Uh, in the previous social studies exam, I got a perfect score."

"I got the same score too. Don't try to outdo me in studying."

"Muu! Hm?"

Suddenly, Renkawa-san, who was listening to our argument, smiled a little.

"You two are really close, aren't you?"

"No, it's not like that—"

"Yes, we're close."

I denied it.

"Oh, Miyu-chan, sorry, I left my water bottle in the classroom, I'll go get it!"


Sakurazaki left the two of us on the rooftop for a while.

And the atmosphere became awkward.

Sakurazaki, don't go and leave us alone with someone we just met.

We became silent towards each other, but suddenly Renkawa-san closed the distance between us.

"Um, Himahara-san!"


"Just tell me directly, what's your relationship with Nako-chan?"

"...Eh, ah."

Too close, way too close!

Renkawa-san's large breast, different from Sakurazaki's, pressed against my arm tightly. I really wanted her to stop because people around us were also watching.

"Wait, calm down."

I distanced myself from Renkawa-san for a moment before starting the conversation.

"...About my relationship with Sakurazaki, how should I put it... it's not a suspicious relationship or anything, actually, we're just ordinary friends."

"Is that so?"


"Even though you two are so close?"

"Well, at least that's how it is."


And once again, Renkawa-san quickly approached me.

"If that's the case, there's no problem, right?"

Renkawa-san's large breast pressed against my arm again.

"Himahara-san, tell me about fun things too, okay?"


"I heard it from Nako-chan. You know a lot of fun things, right? If you and her are not dating, then you can... play with me too, right?"

Suddenly, she completely changed. She loosened her uniform bow and intentionally unbuttoned some buttons on her chest, showing it off to me.

The local idol who seemed innocent suddenly became like a mischievous little devil idol.

Translator: Janaka

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