Even If My Childhood Friend, My First Love, Confesses Her Love To Me, I Don't Care About Her Anymore Now - English

 Even If My Childhood Friend, My First Love, Confesses Her Love To Me, I Don't Care About Her Anymore Now

Author: 井村吉定

Source: Syosetu

"You know... I realized after breaking up with Senpai. The one I really like is Yuuta."

That confession that sounded like an excuse made my heart, Koizumi Yuuta, go cold. In fact, she was my first love, Iwagami Rei.

I've liked Rei since childhood. I met her in kindergarten and we've been friends ever since.

But now, I don't feel anything towards Rei. Maybe my feelings for her have died.

I might have had delusions about my childhood friend. I thought that if she really liked me, she would never go out with someone else, even if it was just once.

"Sorry, I'm happy about your feelings, but I can't go out with Rei."

"Eh...? Why!? Yuuta, you said you liked me right!"

"You're dating someone other than me. Rei, you probably don't actually like me, right?"

"I like you! Besides, I'm not serious about that Senpai!"

"Is that so? But it was Rei who decided to date Senpai, right?"

"I feel like I can't refuse him... Everyone says it's better to date Senpai..."

"Even so, why didn't you break up with that Senpai right away? You kissed him too, didn't you? And after that, you guys did other things, right?"

"I did, but...! Now I like Yuuta, so isn't that okay?"

"For me it does matter. When I saw Rei doing it with someone else, I had doubts. Does she really like me?"

"That's why I...! I'm not serious about Senpai...!"

'Not serious' - there was no way to prove it. Regardless of the difference in views between men and women, is it believable when someone says they love someone after committing such an act with someone else, even if it is true?

I had to continue loving her while feeling suspicious. It was something I couldn't stand.

So, it doesn't matter anymore. A childhood friend who gave her body to another man.

Perhaps this is a natural thing. Dating many people, breaking up, and so on.

It's just that I don't understand. Love, so unfair and stupid, trampled on the feelings I had kept for so long.

Translator: Janaka 

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