Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 50 English

 Chapter 50 – True Feelings of a JK Idol & Free Going Person

I was busy attending meetings for the Halloween event, practicing for the Christmas live show, and shooting variety shows to promote the December movie release. 

I was so occupied that I couldn't even catch my breath. However, when I went to school, I could meet with Himahara-kun and talk to him during lunch breaks. Nevertheless, it felt lonely just communicating through the phone.

As I excitedly headed to school, I noticed that Himahara-kun was walking a few steps ahead of me among the other students. With earphones in his ears and a vacant gaze, he was truly Himahara-kun. It had been two days since we last met... I couldn't help but smile with a racing heart.

I could approach him discreetly and walk alongside him, unnoticed by others, but only the two of us would feel it... it felt wonderful. Just as I was about to approach him quickly, someone approached Himahara-kun and started talking to him.

Who was that girl with long straight hair? Was she a friend of Himahara-kun? However, it seemed like I hadn't seen them talk before. I scrutinized the girl, and as time passed, I began to realize who she really was.

Wait, was that Miyu-chan? Oh, she straightened her hair.

I grew more envious watching the two of them converse passionately from a distance.

"Hey, isn't that Renkawa?"


I heard the whispers of two boys walking ahead of us.

"I feel sorry for the guy next to her."

"Yeah, he's probably being played around by her."

I had heard various rumors about Miyu-chan, but hearing it said like this made me feel a bit bitter as a friend. My ears started to ache, and I walked faster past them. This way, the distance between Himahara-kun, Miyu-chan, and me became about one person's space, and I began to catch snippets of their conversation.

"Hey! Kou-kun, are you listening?"


"Are you still mad about the last time? You seem like the type to hold a grudge easily."

"I'm not holding a grudge."

"Then why are you trying to ignore me?"

"...You've been noisy since morning. Well, here, take this candy and be quiet."

Himahara-kun took off his earphones, took out a piece of candy from his bag, and handed it to Miyu-chan. Ahh, my Ver*ce candy.

"Yay! Oh, I'm going to do my nails now, so both my hands will be busy, you know?"

"....And then?"

"Please feed me that candy now."

"It's impossible. Frankly, no one paints their nails while walking. And your nails are grossly discolored by the polish."

"Ah, you said it's gross. In that case, how about I hug you right here?"

A hug...?!

"Don't do that."

"Well then, please feed me that candy."

"...Someday, I'll definitely make you cry."

Himahara-kun opened the candy bag, took out a yellow candy, and offered it to Miyu-chan.

"Kou-kun is really kind."

Himahara...-kun. And Miyu-chan, could they be...?


I felt confused all the time. I didn't even have much time to talk to Himahara-kun during lunch break, as he was always with Miyu-chan...

Could Miyu-chan and Himahara-kun be...?

Walking toward our usual meeting spot, I pondered over this. Then, my phone rang. I immediately answered after realizing it was Himahara-kun.


"Sorry, Sakurazaki, there's something I have to take care of... I'll be a little late."

"Okay, I understand."

After I hung up, I started thinking about it. What could that 'something' he mentioned be? I wanted to know, but I was somewhat afraid to ask. Could it be about Miyu-chan...?

Thinking about that, I started running toward school. It was hard to breathe. Despite my regular physical training, I felt emotionally unbalanced, and I experienced that.

Passing through the school gate, I rushed to the classroom. I didn't know where it was. But I had to find out, or... not.

From the quiet corridor, I peered into the classroom, and there I saw Himahara-kun and Nanamizawa-san. I crouched in front of the sliding door, trying to hide myself.

"Why did you call me out all of a sudden?"



"Kou, why are you so close with Renkawa-san? She even came to the classroom earlier."

"...Regarding that, there are a few things."

"In that case, what are those 'few things'?"

Nanamizawa-san's angry voice echoed in the quiet classroom.

"So, the one who's been hanging out with you lately is... Renkawa-san."

"That's not true."

"You're lying, Kou! You always lie like that!"

I heard a 'pachin' sound, his cheek was slapped.


Despite a strong urge to move, I fought to hold myself back.

"So... you think if I don't like you, you'll use violence?"

"No! ...Since we were kids, Kou always said that you like me..."

"Back then, I might have said something like that. But! ...It doesn't mean that feeling will last forever, does it?"

"My feelings... my feelings will always..."

"...Stop fixating on me. I'm sure I told you in middle school that I can't reciprocate your feelings. You keep repeating it even though you know my feelings... Please stop."


"Can you stop bothering me?"


"I'm going... to where the person I like the most is."


"So, please move aside."

Tears were on the verge of overflowing, and my heart felt like it would burst.

Above all, my feelings were finally taking shape.

I like you too, Himahara-kun.

I stood up immediately and left the school.

To meet Himahara-kun at the place where I should be waiting.

Translator: Janaka

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