Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 51 English

 Chapter 51 – Precious Time with JK Idol and a Free-spirited Person

"What's wrong... why did you choose Renkawa-san!"

"No, it's not Renkawa."

"That girl is no good! Kou must have been deceived, that's for sure! I heard rumors that Renkawa-san is with many boys."

"People shouldn't... judge based on appearances or rumors."

Those words were directed at my past self as well.

Sakurazaki and Renkawa, neither had a good initial impression.

But beyond that, each of them had their own unique qualities and charm. When I discovered those qualities, trust finally blossomed within me.

"Hey, why... Did you break up with that girl from junior high because of me?"


"Then, because she didn't like me?"


"Then! ... Because we've been childhood friends?"

"............ Nanamizawa is not at fault. It's me who couldn't develop romantic feelings for you."

Taking my bag, I passed by Nanamizawa.

"Kou... you're so harsh."

"I've been aware of your feelings since junior high. But I couldn't reciprocate those feelings. I'm sorry, Nanamizawa."

With my back turned to Nanamizawa in front of the sliding door, I said that one last time and left the classroom.

It seems that rumors about Renkawa and my relationship had spread in various places.

However, in Renkawa's case, it wasn't because she was an idol; rather, it seemed that there were many sympathetic voices towards me.

Because Renkawa approached without regard for her surroundings, it ended up like this. I had to talk to her firmly.

"... Hah."

At this moment, I just wanted to meet her.

The soft smile that made me forget all the bad things and the clear voice that soothed my heart.

While stroking the cheek hit by Nanamizawa, I headed to our usual meeting spot.


"Himahara-kun, I've been waiting."

"Sorry, I was called for something."

"... Hmm."

And as usual, I held hands with her.

She was shorter than my shoulder, with a stronger aura than it appeared.

Meeting her had changed my entire life.

"Oh yeah, this morning."

From now on, we would always be together... Huh, this morning?

"You were called 'Kou-kun' by Miyu-chan, right?"

Sakurazaki's face was smiling, but her voice didn't entirely match her smile.

... Did she hear our conversation this morning?

"Did you hear?"

"Moreover, you fed her my Ver*ce candy."

"Uhm, Sakurazaki-san?"

"In that case, I might as well get along with other boys too."

"... I don't like that."

After saying that, Sakurazaki smiled and hugged me.

"Then, do the same to me."

"Oh, candy?"

"Yeah, yeah!"

I took a candy from my bag, opened the wrapper, and brought the candy close to Sakurazaki's small lips like a mother bird feeding its chick.

Suddenly, Sakurazaki licked my fingers and put them in her mouth, licking the candy and my finger simultaneously.

"Hey, hey! Sakurazaki..."

Sakurazaki's tongue licked the tip of my index finger, and when she released it from her mouth, a droplet of saliva hung from her mouth to my finger.

There was something slightly provocative in her actions, her tongue's movement was somewhat sensual.

"Ehehe, I accidentally ate Himahara-kun's finger too."

Sakurazaki's innocent smile had a unique allure, and I felt slightly awkward.

"Be more careful next time."

I took out a tissue and wiped my finger.

She didn't... do this on purpose, right?

Sakurazaki wouldn't do something like this...


"W-what's wrong?"

"If I see you getting too close to other girls... I feel jealous..."

Sakurazaki spoke while looking away.

"You understand, right?"

She turned to face me, looking at me with her red cheeks and a slightly annoyed expression.

"Uh, yeah. I'll be more careful from now on."

"Thank you, Himahara-kun."

Saying that, Sakurazaki hugged me again.

Even tighter than before.

Sakurazaki seemed a bit angry today, but more than that, she seemed... kind of sexy.

I couldn't forget her expression when she released my finger from her mouth.

That strange feeling continued to bother me even after I returned home.

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"Himahara-kun, the tamagoyaki you make is a bit salty."

"Do you prefer sweet?"

"Yeah! ... Huh? When we went to the zoo, the tamagoyaki in the lunch I made, it was sweet, right?"


I don't want to remember that.

Next chapter, "Turns Out the JK Idol is Interested in the Sports Festival."

Translator: Janaka

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