Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 53 English

 Chapter 53 – JK Idol Seems Interested in the Sports Festival (Part 2)

 When leaving the school building and returning to the class waiting area, there was something being discussed by classmates.

 In the midst of the classmates, there was Suzuki, a member of the sports festival organizing committee and a member of the baseball club, who was leading the conversation while looking at a piece of paper.

 "Where have you been, Himahara?"

 "Sorry, I just went to the toilet for a moment."

 Suzuki immediately ran towards me when he saw me coming back and thrust the piece of paper he was holding in front of my eyes.

 "Listen carefully, this is an important conversation, so listen well, Himahara."

 "Of course."

 I became serious suddenly when Suzuki, who had close-cropped hair with a firm expression, spoke to me.

 "Tanaka, who was supposed to participate in the next kibasen competition, had a heat stroke."

 "Oh, that's really bad."

 "Now look at the reserve list on this paper."

 As he said that, I checked the names on the reserve list on the member registration form.

 My name is on the reserve list for the Kibasen competition.

 So, what does that mean?

 "Himahara, you will replace him."

 "Are you serious?"

 "After all, this is the next event, so prepare yourself."

 "Hey, Suzuki, isn't there anyone else who can replace him?"

 "No one can replace Tanaka. Look, even your girlfriend will definitely support you."

 Suzuki pointed to the waiting area next door with his eyes.

 There, Renkawa, who was waving her hand at us, stood up.

 She thought it would be fine from a distance.

 "We both ..."

 "Yeah, yeah, you two are definitely in love. Anyway, show your best, okay!"

 While being pushed by Suzuki, I headed towards the area where the next participant was waiting.

 I can't suddenly take part in a kibasen competition like this.

 My classmates invited me to sit in the waiting area for the Kibasen competition.

 They were three people who would be at the bottom, pretending to be horses, while I would ride on top of them.

 They are Yoshino from the sumo club, Yamada from the karate club, and Kato from the basketball club.

 "Himahara, we will be the foundation that will lift you up, so use all your abilities to bring down participants from other classes."

 Yoshino encouraged while shaking his big body.

 "Hey, do I have to be on top?"

 I asked the three of them honest questions.

 "Of course. Judging from your height and weight, it's clear that you should be the one on top."

 Well, they all look big.

 So, if I think about it, it's better for me to be on top and just be in charge of taking the opponent's headband.

 "Okay, let's do it, Himahara."

 I took the hand offered by Kato, and I stood up.


 I was lifted by my three friends and saw the whole situation from above.  This kibasen match was a bit rough.

 "Himahara, give us directions from above properly."

 At Yoshino's request, I nodded.  And the horse riding competition began.  My three friends below moved according to my instructions.

 “Himahara, you are too good at finding weak opponents!”

 I gave instructions to intensively target the weak groups.

 Yoshino was very excited and his voice was getting higher and higher.

 "Next to the left! They're definitely not from the sports club!"

 "You are very prejudiced."

 OK, everything went smoothly.  Despite the chaos, we managed to move nimbly, making good use of space.

 "Amazing, by following your instructions, Himahara, we easily captured their headbands. Isn't that right, Yamada?"

 "It's not just that, Yoshino. Himahara uses the length of his reach well, and he carefully adjusts the distance between himself and the opponent. Such quick decision-making ability, I might have missed it if it were me..."

 "What are you talking about, Yamada?"

 While doing this and that, we managed to defeat the teams from the homecoming club and the culture club, and there were only five squads left, including us.

 "You know, do you want to give up? This sports club is scary."

 "You suddenly become pessimistic!"

 The rules of this kibasen match are not ordinary elimination matches, but are based on the number of bandanas captured.  We can still get second place by giving up now.

 "No way, we have to get first place here to be ranked first in the morning division class!"

 "Isn't second place enough?"

 "Not enough!"

 They were talking casually, and in front of us was a pair of horses.

 "That face, are you Himahara Kou?"

 His attitude and slicked-back hair are not very suitable for a high school boy.

 "Hey, he is the senpai of the Kendo club, Takajo."

 Actually he is a man who fits the word samurai.

 "Himahara Kou, I seem to have heard a lot about you. You seem to be very close to Renkawa Miyu."

 Has the gossip spread throughout the school?

 "Uh, it's not like that. I really don't..."

 "She even changed her hairstyle, and Miyu Miyu has been smiling gently lately."

 "Miyu Miyu?"

 "Actually, Takajo-senpai is a big fan of Renkawa."

 Yamada told me in a low voice.

 "Oh, how did you know, karate club member?"

 "There are a lot of Renkawa posters in the dojo next door."

 "That's a bit disturbing..."

 If we're not careful, Takajo-senpai's squad will approach.

 "Play with Miyu Miyu's bet. If I win, you have to give up."

 "Oh, yes, I will give up now. Please take my headband."


 Is second place enough?  After all, my relationship with Renkawa...

 I started fighting with Takajo-senpai, but I fell because of his overwhelming strength.  Even though my reach is long, I lack strength.

 "I don't just hold a sword, I've been shaking a Kinburi and a light stick for these three years for Miyu Miyu, on both rainy and windy days!"

 "Okay, I'll give up now, so please take my headband."

 "Kou-kun! Cheer up!"

 This voice... Renkawa.

 Renkawa stood in front of the waiting area for her class.


 That's the reason why this happened.

 Takajo-senpai's spirits rose again.

 “Himahara!  I will beat you.”

 “Yoshino, Kato, Yamada!”

 “Quick, take the headband from Senpai!”

 Yamada exclaimed.

 Hell, if we had just surrendered quietly, we wouldn't have had to go through all this trouble.

 That's when.

 “Himahara-kun!  Fight!"

 Sakurazaki also gave me support, while eating onigiri.  Is she really an idol?

 "It's over, Himahara!"

 This isn't good... in a situation like this, I have to use that technique.  I stretched out my left hand like a cross when Takajo-senpai's right hand approached.

 "I'm quicker with this."

 "Still not enough."

 I bent the elbow of my left hand to change the path of Takajo-senpai's right hand.


 Takajo-senpai slipped.

 "Impossible, you... that technique is Bloody Cross...!!"

 And then, suddenly, I managed to grab Takajo-senpai's headband with my other right hand.

 "Okay, I did it... Eh?!"

 My vision became blurry.  Suddenly, a severe pain struck my back, and when I came to, I saw the sky was so blue.  And from there, my memory disappeared.


 I woke up and was in the treatment room.  With my head on a soft pillow, I lay down comfortably.

 "Uh, why did I..."

 "You fell from the kibasen."

 There is someone sitting next to me.  From his voice, I immediately knew who it was.

 "Kou, you're suddenly tired."


 I feel awkward.  After that incident, I haven't talked to Nanamizawa, so I don't know where to start the conversation.

 "Kou, sorry..."

 Suddenly, she apologized, which surprised me.  I think I should be the one apologizing.

 "Uh... I, actually I'm the one..."

 "Kou, I... I can't improve. I'm just stuck in the same routine, whether in volleyball, everyday attitude, or even in love..."


 "Kou, you can always overcome your changing feelings. That's why you seem more mature and wiser than me. But I... always walk the same path. I just walk on the same rails in volleyball, in everyday life,  and in love..."

 Nanamizawa clasped her hands on her knees while looking down.

 "So that's why, Kou, I can't get close to you."

 "Actually... that's not true, Shino."


 "Of course, maybe my feelings have changed more than yours. But Shino, you are still a savior who is always with me and a very valuable person."

 "...But I'm not growing..."

 “...The day I found out my mother and father died, Shino was the one who looked for me and comforted me when I ran away from home.  If Shino hadn't found me that day, who knows what would have happened.”

 “You weren't where you were then.  I thought you were gone.”

 On my third birthday, my father and mother died in a traffic accident when they were out to buy gifts and cake.

 Michiko-san decided that I couldn't accept the death of my parents at the age of 3, so she lied and said that my parents were abroad until I was in 4th grade.

 Now I can understand such lies, but at that time, I felt betrayed and ran out of the house with a feeling of helplessness in my heart.

 But... Shino was the one who held my hand the whole way.

 "Even without a romantic relationship, I want you to remain the ever gentle Shino. The one who is always by my side."


 Nanamizawa gently placed his right hand on top of my left hand.

 "Kou, I have a request of you."


 "I want us to be 'best friends'."

 Nanamisawa's eyes misted with tears.  Tears of despair, drops of determination rolled down her cheeks, falling onto the back of my hand.

 "Since then, I have thought about it constantly. I realized that I was forcing my feelings on you. I was forcing my view of love on you and forcing you to agree with me."

 "Is that true?"

 “It's there... it's always been like that since a long time ago. In my heart, I thought that if I fell in love with Kou, we would have a tender love.””


 “That's why I want to create a different relationship with you now.  We will support each other, help each other when there are problems."

 "I just want to remain your best friend forever, Kou."

 "Nah... I understand, Shino."

 We smile at each other, wipe away tears, and we want our relationship to stay like this.

 While calming each other's feelings, we looked out the window.

 "Maybe the morning part is over?"

 "After the kibasen competition, next is the parent meeting relay, right?"

 "Right, my friend is also in the waiting area, so I have to go back soon."

 At that time.

 "Are you okay?! Himahara-kun!... Eh."

 "Kou-kun, are you okay? Nako-chan is very worried... this is a rather difficult situation, isn't it?"

 Suddenly, the curtain opened, and Sakurazaki and Renkawa came in.

 This is... a very bad situation.

 Translator: Janaka

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