Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 54 English

 Chapter 54 - JK Idol Seems Interested in the Sports Festival (Part 3)

This atmosphere... it's very awkward.

I'm lying on a bed in the school's infirmary, with Shino sitting on my right, and Sakurazaki and Renkawa on my left.

"Uh, why are you two idols here?"

Shino asks, looking surprised.

Ah, where should I start explaining?

I haven't talked to Shino about them at all.

"Uhm, I often ask Himahara-kun for help!"

Sakurazaki nervously explains to her classmates.

"Ah, so you're the childhood friend Kou-kun mentioned?"

Renkawa is too casual about it.

Huff... there's no other choice. I have to explain everything from the beginning.

"Shino, there's something I need to tell you."

I tell Shino everything, not hiding anything.

Since Shino already knows I have a relationship with Sakurazaki, I can't keep it a secret.

"So that's how it is... So, the thing from earlier..."

Shino looks at Renkawa.

"Yeah, that's right. I've only hung out with Himahara-kun once."

"Eh, only once? Himahara-kun?"

"Didn't I tell you, Shino?"

"Yes. I must have misunderstood."

"Himahara-kun, just once?"

"But you often go to various places with Sakurazaki-san, right?"

"Ah, Sakurazaki is a bit different..."

Meanwhile, next to me, Sakurazaki's face turns red as she shakes my body and says, "Only once?!"

"I think I understand Kou's feelings now."

Shino stands up and says that.

"Oh, Sakurazaki-san."


Then, Shino bows sincerely.

"From now on, please take good care of Kou, okay?"

"Eh... Y-Yes!"

"This is embarrassing."

Shino smiles a little.

"I have to go back soon because the results of the morning session will be announced."

Shino leaves the infirmary.

"I did something unusual too, didn't I?"

"Himahara-kun is truly amazing. Nako-chan supports you too, right?"


"You only ate onigiri, right?"

"Ah, that... I got hungry."

She hasn't changed at all.

While my body is recovered enough to return to the sun, I decide to go back to the class waiting area and listen to the announcement of the morning session results.

"Eh, Himahara! We got first place in the morning session!"

Suzuki comes in enthusiastically.

...Well, at least we're in first place during the break.

I've worked hard, so I want to see the results.

I'll only participate in the final tug-of-war match, so I can relax for the rest of the time.

Thinking that, I plan to take a nap in a quiet place during lunch break, but...

"Hey, Himahara-kun."

This voice...

He has a familiar appearance, wearing a suit and black glasses.

"Uh, Sakurazaki's dad?"

There's no mistaking it; it must be Kazunari-san.

"You've grown up, haven't you?"

"Please don't pat my head like that."

"It's fine; I'm happy."

Kazunari-san smiles while patting my head.

"Hello, Himahara-san."

Beside him is Sakurazaki's mother.

Despite the scorching heat, she's still wearing a kimono today.

"Oh, Sakurazaki's mom. It's been a while."

"Himahara-san, do you have any plans after this?"

"No, I was just going to the cafeteria and relaxing."

"Oh, in that case, how about having lunch together? I made too many bento. Nako just went to the restroom."

"Oh... Are you sure you don't mind?"

Kazunari-san's hand stops.

Seeing Kazunari-san's face, his smile suddenly disappears.

"Himahara-kun, you can go if you want."

"Kazunari-san, it's okay, right?"

"Ah, yes, of course."

And Kazunari-san smiles bitterly.

What's wrong with Kazunari-san?

Maybe I'm bothering his family after all.

"Um, Kazunari-san."

"This is a good opportunity; you should experience this family's hell too."


Then, along with Sakurazaki, who has returned, we all sit under a tree and gather around the luxurious bento made by Sakurazaki's mother.

"I'm so hungry!"

"Didn't you just eat onigiri?"

"Don't say that again! That was just a snack at 10 o'clock!"

"Hehe, it's nice that you're all close."

While the three of us are excited, Kazunari-san sits there expressionlessly, staring at the lunchbox.

What's wrong with Kazunari-san? I'm worried.

"Oh, Kazunari-san, if you're worried about getting heatstroke or something..."

"I-It's okay."

Kazunari-san says that and then whispers to me, "You should worry about yourself."

What does he mean by that?

"Come on, please."

Sakurazaki's mother opens the lunchbox.

Inside, there are dishes that look so extravagant they don't seem like regular bento.

They're colorful, like New Year's feast dishes, and all the ingredients are high quality.

"It looks really delicious!"

"I'm glad you like it. Please eat as much as you want."


...Wait a minute, this seems like a pattern I recognize.

I look at Kazunari-san's face.

I know the situation... I've experienced it before.

Kazunari-san, could it be...

"Nako, I've prepared special food just for you."

"Yaay! It tastes so good!"

Maybe I was just worrying too much.

Look, Sakurazaki is happily eating, no need to worry.

Thinking that, I take a bite of the fried shrimp.


"Hey, Himahara. It's time for the next and final event!"


Suzuki calls me.

"Of course."

What am I doing?

I run to the area where participants are getting ready, thinking about it.

...Oh right, the bento.

I feel really full, but I don't remember eating the bento.

No, I remember...

I've been trying hard to forget it.

That taste...

"...Nothing can compare to Sakurazaki's cooking."

I feel something strange in my pocket and reach for it.

There's a note inside.

"When you come to Sakurazaki's house, that's what will happen, Himahara-kun."

Kazunari-san, so that's what he meant.

...I need to improve my cooking skills.

Then, we win the tug-of-war and secure first place, but I'm more surprised by what I just felt.


After the sports festival, I go to our usual meeting place and find Sakurazaki there.

I must have kept her waiting for a bit.

"Sorry, I thought you were going home with your parents today."

"It's okay. I just thought I'd come... I'm glad you came."

"Oh, right."

We walk home together.

As usual, leisurely.

"T-Today, are we not going to hold hands?"


"...Ah, it's nothing."

I feel a bit lonely with my left hand empty.

"Ah, today I've moved around a lot, so I might smell of sweat... But! I used deodorant, so it should be okay... "

"Sakurazaki always smells nice, even now, in my opinion."

"Eh?! ...So, yes! Please lend me your hand."

Sakurazaki reaches for my hand and draws closer to me.

"Himahara-kun always smells nice too.

"I just use regular detergent."

"But for some reason... you smell nice. Even when I borrowed your jacket before... Oh, never mind!"


Sakurazaki averts her gaze and holds my hand tighter.

What's happening?

"Oh yeah! Next week, I'm participating in the Idol Sports Day event that will be broadcast on TV!"

"Not just at school, but also at work, right?"

"If I win, I'll get a bag of rice from the sponsor, so I'll do my best!"

"Finally, that's your goal, huh."

A week later, Sakurazaki is ecstatic to receive a bag of rice as the winner.

Translator: Janaka

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