Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 55 English

 Chapter 55 - JK Idol is busy (part 1)

November, the season had become a bit cold. After donning winter clothes for the first time in a while, I left home.

"Wow, it's really cold,"

The autumn leaves had completely fallen, and this quiet season had arrived once again. I brushed away the fallen leaves, walked along the tree-lined street, gazing at the swaying trees in the wind as I headed to the station.

The sports festival had ended, and there was just a month left until winter break. I wondered what I would do during the winter holidays. I wanted to celebrate Christmas with Sakurazaki, but it seemed she was busy with her Christmas concert.

As I walked, I heard hurried footsteps approaching from behind. I could guess who it was. I turned around and saw Shino.

"Kou, good morning!"

Shino had also changed into her winter clothes and was wearing a scarf.

"It's really cold today, huh?"

"You've always been sensitive to the cold,"

"But Kou, why aren't you wearing gloves or a scarf?"

"I'm not too bothered by it," I replied, though I had simply forgotten to put them on.

"Well, how about we wear this scarf together?"


"Maybe you're just shy?"

"Not at all," I answered.

Shiho smiled and teased, "In that case, what would you say if it were for Nako-chan?"

"Why are you asking about that?"

"We're good friends, so tell me."

"I wouldn't do it. My height doesn't match Sakurazaki's."

"That's true," Shino was a bit shorter than me, but when it came to Sakurazaki, her height wouldn't even reach my shoulder if she stood up.

Later, the two of us got off the crowded train at our usual station. At that moment, we saw Sakurazaki sitting on a station bench, and she immediately ran over when she spotted us.

"Good morning, both of you!"

"Good morning, Nako-chan."

"Good morning, Sakurazaki."

Since she knew that we always took the same train at this time, Sakurazaki had arrived early to wait for us.

I walked behind them as they engaged in girl talk. Since the sports festival, Sakurazaki had become close to her classmates, and recently, she had even joined a sports club group with Shino.

Both of them had the commonality of being "busy," and Sakurazaki was also skilled in sports, so she fit in well with the group. It could be said that Sakurazaki had finally become a regular high school girl.

She had friends at school, so she didn't need to talk to me as much as before. This was a good sign. My peaceful school life had finally returned...

After that, I went to school while continuing to watch Sakurazaki with feelings akin to that of a parent.


After enduring a long and tedious fourth-period sociology lesson, lunch break arrived, and I was about to head to the rooftop as usual.

"Oh, Kagahara, wait a moment," I was called out to by Suzuki, a classmate who sat next to me, and I sat back down in my seat.

"Was there something from the lesson class that you didn't understand?"

"Eh, it's not that... I actually didn't understand the lesson at all."


"What I wanted to talk about is... Ah, wait a moment, let's move to another place."

Suzuki seemed to have a question he wanted to ask me, so the two of us headed to an empty classroom on the same floor.

"My question is about Nanamizawa."


"You and Nanamizawa, even though you're close, you're not dating, right?"

"Oh, that."

"So, you and her don't have a romantic relationship, correct?"

"That's essentially the same thing, isn't it? And no, we don't have a romantic relationship."

Suzuki blushed every time he spoke. There's no way he's interested in me, right?

"I'm still normal," I said, touching the back of my right hand to my left cheek.

"Not you! Why would you think that?"

"Simply my knowledge; it seems that the baseball club has a BL (Boys' Love) image."

"You need to get rid of that bias. Who I like is Nanamizawa."

"Oh, I see."

So, it's about Nanamizawa...

"Maybe I don't have a chance."

"I can't say anything about that unless we ask her."

"...that's true."

Suzuki walked over to the window, looking outside, and continued speaking to me with his back facing me.

"Since around before the summer break, I've started to like her. But I'm sure she likes you... so, I was thinking of giving up."


"But I didn't want it to end like that. I wanted to convey my feelings."

How will Shino respond to Suzuki's feelings?

Although Suzuki is bald, he's handsome, has a strong personality, is much more sociable than me, and is popular with girls.

Even so, he chose Shino from among many other girls.

"So... Himahara, can I confess?"

"I'll support you. If there's anything I can do for you, just tell me, Suzuki."

"Is that okay, Himahara?"

"Why are you asking for my permission?"

"Because you..."

"I and Nanamizawa are just childhood friends and best friends. We're not in a romantic relationship. That's why I'll support you."

"Thank you, Himahara."

I returned to the classroom with somewhat complicated feelings.

Translator: Janaka 

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