The Best Birthday of My Life - English

 The Best Birthday of My Life

Author: Kyukizu (九傷)

 I, who was born earlier, always lagged behind at the start of the race.

 I was born by chance on April 1st, so I had a nearly one-year difference in life experience with the child who was born on April 2nd.

 Because of that, even though the starting point was the same, I often couldn't start well.

 My mother also tried her best, but――when I was told for the first time, I felt it was unfair and thought she should try a little harder.

 Ah, now it's just a laughing matter.

 But, if I look back, it was a very hard eighteen years.

 Especially when I was little, I felt very frustrated and sad all the time.

 Studying and sports, I always felt I was the worst in the class.

 Of course there were also other children who were born earlier, but none of them were born on April 1st like me.

 The latest ones were born in March, one or two people, so I remember there was a difference of about a month with me.

 When I was still a child, a one-month difference was big, and I didn't have the ability to cover up the individual differences, so I always came last in everything......

 At that time I didn't realize it, but my way of thinking and hobbies were also more childish than the other children, and that was the reason I was often teased.

 That was honestly, almost like bullying, according to me.

 Children are immature mentally, or rather honest with their feelings, so they tend to look down on others innocently.

 If his legs were slow, he would be considered stupid, and if he played team sports, he would clearly be a burden, so he was often hated.

 This was the cause of people hating sports, or becoming traumatized, I heard there were many cases like that.

 Actually I also almost hated sports, but what kept me going was my childhood friend, Tōya-oniichan.

 Tōya-oniichan was born on April 2nd, and even though he was in the same grade as me, he was actually like a senior who was one year older.

 I had been helped since before I was conscious, so I always called and admired him as oniichan since then.

 When I was in elementary and junior high school, we were treated by our classmates as siblings, and after entering high school, we pretended to be lovers for mutual benefit.

 But, now, I also started to become an adult mentally and physically, and I was tormented by complicated feelings.

 How far can we do as siblings?

 Did I go too far and cross the line as lovers?

 And so on, I was miserable every day.

 But, that also finally ended today.

「Congratulations on entering school」

「Yeah, Tōya-oniichan too, congratulations」

「Koto, happy birthday」

「Thanks♪ ......Finally, I caught up with you」

「Catching up with me? From kindergarten to college, you always stuck behind me, right?」

「That's true, but until now I was still like a child, and Tōya-oniichan was always my oniichan, right?」

「......Isn't that, it won't change from now on either?」

「It will change. Because I also became an adult like Tōya-oniichan」

 After saying that, I hugged Tōya-oniichan's back.

「......Hey, you remember, right?」


「Usually, girls forget, you know......」

「I don't know how it usually is. Because I'm not a normal child」

「I always said there was nothing wrong with you, right?」

「Yeah. Only Tōya-oniichan」


「Anyway, I've been waiting for this day since kindergarten. ......You have to keep your promise, okay?」

「......It's troublesome」


「Yeah, because I planned to talk first......」


「Koto, will you marry me?」

 Today I got the best gift of my life.

 I will definitely cherish it for the rest of my life!

 ~The end~

Translator: Janaka

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