Daily Life of a Reincarnated Explorer - Chapter 1 English

 Chapter 1

A pure white space as far as the eye can see. It's a scene that any brother who loves reading web novels would be able to predict the future development. And as expected, a goddess (tentative) appears.

"Isn’t (Tentative) too harsh?"

"As long as it is unconfirmed, I cannot conclude that you are 99.9999% a goddess."

It is the modern society where you will be bashed later if you mutter something uncertain. I think it's harsh, but I can't neglect the effort for self-defense.

"I am one of the administrators of this world. You can recognize me as a goddess without any problem. Do you remember yourself?"

"Eh, me? I am..."

I am a middle-aged man who withdrew from society in his 50s, and reading and writing web novels is my hobby. Due to the overwork in my youth, I have numbness and pain in my lower body, so I need a cane to walk.

"I remember, I was receiving rehabilitation at the hospital and on my way home..."

"You passed by a pachinko parlor that was being demolished, right?"

As the goddess said, I got off the bus and tried to pass by the collapsed pachinko parlor. There were several mothers with children chatting there...

"A collapsed sign fell on the child, and I pushed the child out."

"That's right. And you were crushed by the letter "P" that fell. It's a template, isn't it?"

That means the goddess reads mobile novels. And she must be a pretty old-timer.

"I think you have guessed it, but I will have you reincarnate into a different world with your memories intact. By the way, you have no right to refuse."

"Is it that pattern? Do you have any mission for me?"

If it's useless to resist, it's better to ask what I should ask as soon as possible. How much information I can get will affect my future life.

"What I want you to do is to conquer the dungeons. The world you will go to is one where dungeons appeared before the Russo-Japanese War, and the history and technology are different in some places, but it is very similar to this world."

"I'm glad that the living standard is not different from this world. And, the soul that was supposed to be born in the reincarnation destination..."

What will happen to the soul that was supposed to be born if I didn't reincarnate? I don't know if I can do anything by knowing, but I'd rather ask than be bothered.

"You don't have to worry about that. I forcibly merged two fertilized eggs that were supposed to be miscarried due to unsuccessful cell division, and I stuffed your soul in there."

"I'm glad that I don't have to sacrifice someone else's soul, but can you do that? And the way you say it!"

I knew it would be disrespectful. But I couldn't help but retort. Well, I won't be erased or anything. ...Probably.

"That's something that the gods can do easily with their power. The rest is up to you to ask the administrator over there (if you can meet him). Well then, one person please!"

"That's too light! And what if I can't meet him!"

I retorted to the content that was whispered to me, but I was suddenly sucked into a hole that opened at my feet and fell.

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