Daily Life of a Reincarnated Explorer - Chapter 2 English

 Chapter 2

"Yes, I tilted the fan there and did well. Let's end it here today."

"Thank you, master."

I put down the fan I was holding and bowed my hands and head. Master smiled satisfactorily and opened his cloak to leave. I quickly got up and waved goodbye to the master who was leaving.

As a person who was reincarnated into a different world by the goddess, I was born safely in the new world. Well, not exactly a new world, but almost the same as Japan.

As a person who was entrusted with the mission of exploring dungeons, I wonder why I'm learning Japanese dance. I know it sounds like a contradiction, but there must be a reason.

As the goddess said, I was born by forcibly synthesizing two eggs of fertility. Because of that, I inherited the Heraclitus syndrome, a disease that allows me to exert strong power due to higher muscle density than normal.

To explain, Heraclitus syndrome is a condition that allows me to generate more power than normal due to higher muscle density. Usually, that comes at the cost of lower fuel efficiency, but in my case it didn't apply.

Still, I can generate more power than normal children. Therefore, I'm learning how to control my power by learning body control in Japanese dance.

Normally, martial arts such as judo or karate would be more suitable, but in this world, dungeons have appeared and people are fighting against monsters. Therefore, martial arts such as judo or karate are rare but not extinct.

When I waved goodbye to the master at the entrance, I moved from my living space to the waiting room. My current parents run a hospital and my mother works at the reception.

"Mom, today's practice is over. Master has just returned."

"How kind of you, Yuu-chan. You must be tired. Have a little rest."

I tried to report that the practice was over and return home, but that plan failed.

"Wow, you're so cute today, Yuu-chan. Do you want some sweets?"

“She has white skin and her facial lines are very thin.  She will definitely be a beautiful girl in the future.”

"What? You think I'm a girl because of my skin color and thin lines? That's wrong! I’m a boy!"

When I was surrounded by the womens waiting for their turn for consultation, I was in a difficult situation. However, I managed to escape by using my body size.

By the way, reincarnation happened but not re-creation. The partner I used in my previous life is still my partner in this life. However, my skin color is quite pale and my lines are thin enough that girls might mistake me for a girl sometimes.

The womens (I don't want to offend them by calling them angels) couldn't catch me as I escaped from their magic hands and entered the children's room. There was a happy-looking young girl sleeping peacefully on her bed.


I sat next to the young girl who called me with her sleep talk and held her hand. Her small fingers gently released my hand when she sensed my presence. This young girl is my younger sister who was born two years later than me. She is two years old girl.

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