Daily Life of a Reincarnated Explorer - Chapter 3 English

 Chapter 3

In this world, you can acquire skills on your 14th birthday. At least one, and up to three for some people. Those who get skills that are advantageous for combat are called winners, as they can excel in dungeon exploration.

My dad received a skill called "Diagnosis", which allowed him to diagnose the condition of anyone he touched, and the longer he touched, the more details he could know.

My dad, who adored my mom, diagnosed her every day, so he knew that she was pregnant, that it was twins, and that the fertilized eggs would not divide properly and would be miscarried.

But he was shocked to the point of losing his footing when the two fertilized eggs suddenly merged and started growing. That's how I was born after all the twists and turns.

My parents, who were overjoyed that the life that was supposed to be lost was saved, did not restrain themselves, and as a result, they received a cute little sister named Mai two years later. By the way, it goes without saying that the condition for her to get married is that the other party defeats me.

"Munya munya... Nii-nii, did you finish your practice?"

"Yeah, I did. I can stay with Mai for the rest of the time."

I spread my arms and wait for my sister, who just woke up and is half asleep. Mai gets up and clings to my torso, rubbing her face against it.

I should be old enough to go to kindergarten by now. But because of the Hercules syndrome, I have a lot of strength, and it would be bad if I accidentally hurt other children, so I don't go.

"Nii-nii, read me a picture book."

"Sure, which one do you want?"

I read the picture book that Mai asked me to read with her. The language is the same as in my previous life, so that's a relief.

In the evening, I have dinner with my parents who finished their examination. The food is also the same as in my previous life. I wonder what kind of food I would have had if I had reincarnated into a European world.

"News. The party of the Beast King, "The Wild Kingdom", has cleared the 20th floor of the Shinagawa Dungeon. This has updated the deepest floor of the dungeons in Japan..."

The TV that was left on broadcasts news related to dungeons. But for ordinary people who have little to do with dungeons, it sounds like a story from a faraway country.

There are no items such as item boxes or storage in this world. Magic bags are the same. Therefore, you have to carry the supplies you use in the dungeon yourself.

If you want to dive deep, you need drinks and food, but combat personnel prefer to be empty-handed. Then you need someone to carry the luggage, but you also need to protect the non-combatants, and if you increase the defense personnel, you also need more supplies.

The more supplies you need, the more luggage carriers you need, and the more defense personnel you need to protect them, and it becomes a vicious cycle. That's why the world's deepest level is around 20 floors, which feels shallow by the standards of my previous life.

That's why I was reincarnated to break through this situation, but thanks to the Hercules syndrome, I have a certain level of combat power. The rest depends on the skill I will receive when I turn 14, but there is nothing I can do but leave it to heaven.

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