What Sould I Do. I’m Falling In Love With You - English

 What Sould I Do.  I’m Falling In Love With You

Author: Tsuchinokoya (つちのこうや)

Source: Syosetu

 Not long ago, the whole class became fuss.

 A beautiful girl in class who had the appearance of a young lady and leader, Nashiyama Akane, said this.

 “I don't want to date a guy who isn't cool”


 I'm indeed a person who wants to be judged from within not by appearance, but when walking with Akane, it will become unbalanced if you are not cool.  That's embarrassing.

 And today, the most handsome guy in the class expressed his feelings for Akane.

 As a result, that handsome guy was rejected.

 Well, I understand.

 She's just saying that she doesn't want to date someone who isn't cool, she's not saying that she will want to be with anyone as long as he's cool.

 Then why this became fuss?

 The reason was that she rejected him because she liked someone else.

 That doesn't mean the person she likes is in this high school.

 But the world of high school students is still small.

 We all thought that, most likely, the person that Akane liked was in this high school.

 But the fuss only lasted until the lunch break was over.

 Akane may be a beautiful girl, but there are many extraordinary people in this world.

 In this sixth lesson, it seems like I'm the only one still thinking about Akane.

 Why am I thinking about Akane?

 It's because I received this letter from her.

 Call letter.

 The meeting location in the letter was an unpopular place.

 Near the fence in the corner of the school yard.

 This is not possible

 No, no.

 I still don't think this is for a love confession, because of that line.

 “I don't want to date a guy who isn't cool”

 Unfortunately, I'm not cool.


 But when I got to the corner of the yard, I was in trouble.

 Akane's face reddened.

 It looks as red as the word “red” (aka) in her name.


 “It shows on my face, doesn't it… I like you.  That's the reason why I called you here."

 “O-oh, I see… Thank you.”

 Are you serious?

 “Well, I want to try date first… I'm sure you'll like me.  I will do the best."

 “W-well, I understand.”

 I'm having a hard time answering, so I'm glad you want to start by try to date first.

 I'm sure I like her, but I'm having a hard time telling if I'm in love with her because somehow I feels like she's in a different world.

 That's why I really want to date her.

 Is there anyone who doesn't want to date a girl?  At least I want that.

 So I'm really looking forward to it.

 Yosh... I'm finally going on a date too.

 I feel so optimistic right now that I forgot about it.

 I'm not cool.


 A week after her love confession.

 "Yes.  That's weird."

 Akane growled.

 By the way, today is our third date.  We were at a vintage clothing store that Akane recommended.

 I showed my reckless self and accepted his love confession after the first date.

 Because she is so charming.  Especially the way she looks when she laughs.  Seriously, I don't think many people know that.

 Let's get that story out of the way.

 The reason Akane was groaning now was this.

 "What is wrong?"

 I asked, after trying on an outfit that Akane asked for.

 “No, normally it would look pretty cool.  But now…… it doesn't look cool at all!”

 You said uncool so loudly!  Is it safe to say uncool out loud here?  You're going to hurt this shop.

 “Keep your voice down...”

 "That's right.  I’m sorry.  But, do your best too?  How can you be cool?”

 “Looks like I have to be reborn for that”

 "That is not true!  I believe, I believe you can be cool!”

 "Yes.  I don't think you have to confess your feelings to me if you want a cool boyfriend..."

 "What should I do.  I’m falling in love with you.  You’re... very good person."

 "Thank You..."

 “I would be ashamed of such an ugly appearance!”

 “Weren't you the one who chose this outfit, Akane?”

 "But it doesn't look good!"

 "This is sad."

 "It's sad.  But I think that's enough for today."

 "Yes.  Sorry about that.”

 "It does not matter.  I'm sure next time you'll be really cool.  I thought you were cool to a normal level right now.”

 “You said that before we came here today…”

 Unfortunately, the day when I get cool doesn't seem to be coming.

 Translator: Janaka


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